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Zunfthaus zur Meisen

General Assembly & Gala

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Dear Senators

Dear friends and guests

A special event is approaching: The first Swiss Senators' Conference COSEKO will take place from 21-23 October 2022 in Zurich. It will be a beautiful and worthy event with many highlights. The locations are also unique: our "night on fire" on Friday evening, for example, will take place in an old cigarette factory, and on Saturday we will be in the most beautiful guild house in Zurich, the Zunfthaus zur Meisen.

The programme of the 1st COSEKO is impressive:

  • Guided city tours (also in English) on various topics: Old Town, Archaeology and Zurich’s Red Light District.

  • A visit to our local Turicum Distillery with GIN-making workshops and tastings.

  • Senators' bar and cigar lounge

  • Evening entertainment by, with and for senators: On Friday evening with DJ Midnight Boris Litmanowitsch #71887 and on Saturday evening Piano Lounge with Sebastian Begert #71523 and (singing) guests.

  • The General Assembly of the Association of Swiss Senators JCI will take place on Saturday morning at the Zunfthaus zur Meisen, as well as the lunch and from 6.00 pm the official reception and the gala evening.

We would be delighted to welcome a delegation from various countries around the world to the first COSEKO and to share beautiful, exciting and unforgettable moments with our senators from near and far. 

In Senate Friendship,

Daniela Urfer #68057

Swiss Senate President 2022

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Friday - Night on Fire

Old Cigarette Factory

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Saturday - Zunfthaus zur Meisen

General Assemby & Gala

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Program Friday, 21 October

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Check-in Hotels

after 2pm

individual hotel check in

Guided city tour on foot (German/Englisch)


What do Einstein, James Joyce and Wagner have in common? All three were
enthusiastic residents of Zurich. Not only great minds cherished a fascination for the waterfront city with its intact old town, people from all over the world have people from all over the world have always flocked to the vibrant metropolis.

The search for traces leads in an approximately two-hour walk through the old town with its hidden old town with its hidden alleys, nooks and oases. 

This popular tour is equally exciting for guests and locals alike and
and contains numerous anecdotes to amaze and amuse.

Languages: German, English

Turicum GIN LAB: Create your own Gin (German/French/English)


In our GIN LAB you will learn everything you need to know about the history of gin and its production, you will be guided through our premises and get an insight into the only distillery in the city of Zurich. You will dive into the world of distilling and after a tasting of our Turicum products, each participant will become an alchemist. You will refine our London Dry Gin with a selection of 51 distillates according to your own taste!

INCLUDES: - Drinks à discretion - Tour through the premises of the Turicum Distillery - Interesting facts about the history of gin and its production - Turicum Gin Tasting - A bottle of Turicum Gin, refined to your taste.

Night On Fire


- Drinks / Dinner
- Gin Bar
- Party

Senate Bar

after 11pm

Senate-Bar non-stop


2:30-5:30 pm

Visit to Zurich's local mountain: train ride up the mountain, walk approx. 500m, coffee & cake (costs depending on consumption).

English: Programm

Programm Saturday, 22 October

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General Assembly VSS-ASS


At Zunfthaus zur Meisen

Dresscode: Business Casual

Common Lunch


Zurich has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine. Traditional Zürcher Geschnetzeltes is only one side of our Limmat city.

City Tour Red Light District (German/French)


The legendary and notorious Kreis 4 around the Langstrasse has a young but a young but extremely turbulent past. The district convinces with its authenticity, multicultural diversity and cosmopolitanism.

What was once the catchment area for immigrants and drug addicts has has been transformed into a vibrant neighborhood rich in contrasts. The red-light district still attracts visitors to places such as the "Bermuda Triangle". and in the alleyways around the "Langstrasse", the countless bars and clubs the wild hustle and bustle of the past in the countless bars and clubs.

This contrast is used by galleries, architecture offices, innovative designers and designers and restaurateurs to give free rein to their creativity in the "Chreis Cheib". The word "Cheib" means animal carcass. And although there have long been the neighborhood for a long time, this term has survived to this day. preserved.

Stadtführung Archäologie in Zürich (Deutsch/Französisch/Englisch)


In the midst of Zurich's old town, archaeology enthusiasts will witness the history. On this guided tour, the secret of the legendary of the legendary "Ehgraben", the course of the former city wall will be the former city wall and enjoy the impressive view from a Roman palace. from a Roman palace.
History is made tangible on this walk to still existing ditches, alleys and foundations. foundations are made tangible. Nothing is as fascinating as to see and understand the originals and understanding their value and significance for today's Zurich as well as for the past. Zurich today as well as for the past. The perfect tour for all those who want to discover the secrets of times long past and learn more about them. and want to learn more.



Visit to Zurich's local mountain: train ride up the mountain, walk approx. 500m, coffee & cake (costs depending on consumption).

Gala Dinner Zunfthaus zur Meisen

after 6pm

Apéro, dinner and the Senate Bar in a very special setting

- Piano Lounge with Sebastian Begert #71523 and guests

  Dress code: Gala (gentlemen: suit + bow tie or tuxedo)

Bumble-Bee (by invitation only)


Legandary Bumble-Bee...

English: Programm

Program Sunday, 23 October

Farewell Brunch


Farewell Brunch at The Marriott Hotel

Getting ready for your trip back!

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For every taste. For every budget.

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Our Comittee


Gino Francescutto

Co-Lead, Budget / Sponsoring


Stephan Lendi

Co-Lead, Kommunikation

Titelseite_Daniela Urfer_red.jpg

Daniela Urfer

Senaste President


Claudia Hirsig

Night On Fire


Andrea Ricklin



Mira Tairoska

Locations, Catering


Sebastian Weidmann



Daniela Isch


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Make your choice

Friday - Sunday

CHF 320.-

Day Ticket Friday incl. "Night on Fire"

CHF 140.-

Day Ticket Saturday incl. Gala Dinner

CHF 220.-

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SILVER Sponsors

A huge thank you!


axperience AG


Hirsig Getränketechnik AG


ITSA (auch JCIS Bronze Sponsorin)


Lenzlinger & Söhne AG

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Further Sponsors

A huge thank you!


Don Tabaco


Jelena Gernert









Valais Mineral


Turicum Distillery


Blumen Krämer

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